Essayist’s articles being digitized in New York

September 25th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

Hosting document management services online is rapidly becoming a favored mode of storage for companies, colleges and government agencies. Not only can this allow people in a variety of locations access to the files, which can be particularly good for research or productivity, but it helps ensure that the information is saved if the original file is destroyed.

With this in mind, professor Jeff Walker and student Maura Toomey transcribed the works of John Burroughs to an internet database, according to The Miscellany News. The pair, funded by a research project at Vassar College, digitized the essayist's journals and moved them to a searchable database online.

The majority of the information in the journals is a detailed analysis of the natural features of the mid-Hudson Valley over a 50 year duration. Toomey told The Miscellany News that the largest obstacle was often deciphering the script and punctuation – the researchers hoped to get the most accurate portrayal possible. Walker said this was important because many of Burroughs' works have been edited and abridged by publishers in the past, sometimes skewing the meaning.

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