How fast can you go paperless?

April 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

While much of the focus about paperless operations has focused on the benefits, businesses need to consider other aspects of the transition as well – specifically the timeframe it takes to complete the migration from paper to digital formats and optimize their workflow around new document management software. In order to truly embrace these innovations, companies need to change their mindset regarding information management and documents – and the first step is to expedite the transition away from paper-based workflows.

The question of how quickly and efficiently a business can go paperless depends on several factors, from the conversion service it utilizes to the hardware it invests in to facilitate the use of document in digital formats. Firms have to assess these finer points and ensure they take the right steps to improve the move. Furthermore, taking the time to assess these needs early on will help companies optimize their investments going forward, helping to ensure they are using the best possible software, scanning hardware and services for the change.

Without a doubt, going paperless can enhance workflow and reduce operating costs or companies. The question is how to properly harness the technologies to get there.

Most businesses will rely on one of two things to get their paperless workflows moving – scanning hardware or document management. However, paper conversion services play a critical role in optimizing the migration to digital formats and helping firms kick‚Äč start their efforts and speed up the entire process by handling the heavy workloads for the business. This frees up employees to spend time getting accustomed to new processes and modes of operation, as well as the technology they'll need to be using.

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