How Schools Can Eliminate Paper Forms in Nutrition Services

December 7th, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation | Document and Information Capture

If you’re a nutrition service director tired of paper form and audit hassles, you’re in the right place.

Imagine if all of your forms could be managed electronically while ensuring government compliance – with a solution that pays for itself in the first year.

Now you can with RocketForms from Image One: the only standalone eforms solution on the market specifically created for nutrition service directors.

Why Use Eforms?

Eforms are electronic forms that can be filled out on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Because you no longer need paper forms, eforms eliminate the costs and headaches of printing and distributing all forms used in your operation.

Eforms also help your school districts ensure compliance with state and federal requirements, including being able to quickly find a form during an audit so your school isn’t fined by your local/state health department and the USDA.

RocketForms Software

RocketForms combines eforms software and a forms management solution based on the technology behind RocketScan.

RocketForms is so easy to use that nutrition service directors can convert their own paper forms into eforms with training provided by Image One, though we often convert the initial batch of forms for you at no charge, if you qualify, or if we’ve already built up a database of forms in your state (as we’ve done in California).

All of your RocketForms are managed within RocketForms like an electronic filing cabinet. You can easily make changes to your forms, which are tracked with an audit log. Auditors can even log into RocketForms for self-service with a login and password that you set up, which makes audits go much more quickly and smoothly.

Information from each form is captured in the RocketForms database so that data can be quickly searched and retrieved. When there are findings by inspectors, RocketForms can also generate email notifications so that those responsible are reminded to take action before a follow-up inspection.

RocketForms also includes:

  • Capacity for unlimited simultaneous users (concurrent)
  • E-signature capture (by finger or stylus)
  • Mobile friendly design (responsive)

Not Just for Nutrition Services

Once your school starts using RocketForms for nutrition services, they can be used to convert any other paper forms at your school, from school operations to HR and other back-office forms.

We recently converted 642 other types of paper forms at one Florida school district., Once you’re using them, we can show you other ways to use RocketForms to benefit your school and colleagues.

Contact us for a RocketForms demo or quote today

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