Indian records now available to the public

January 15th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

Students may become discouraged if, in a digital age, there is information they cannot find on the internet. Some older statistics and information is only available in print, requiring those interested to go to a library to reference the data. With this in mind, many archival organizations, newspapers, companies and schools are looking into electronic information management systems.

There are many benefits to hosting such data online, aside from remote access. Placing information ‚Äčon databases like this can help companies keep records safe from hackers and restrict access, while other institutions can take this opportunity to better preserve primary documents and free up floor space otherwise taken up by filing cabinets.

With the advantages in mind, workers at India’s Manipur State Archives began a project in September 2011 to place books and historical documents online with the help of the Centre for Development ‚Äčof Advance Computing, according to Kangla Online. The news source explained that 300 books will be digitized with the use of conversion services. The project was temporarily halted, but is underway again after administrative issues.

Once the information is digitized, it will be made available for public reference, the outlet noted.

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