Lost files may delay city project

January 9th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

Unless a company or organization has invested in a worthwhile document management system, files that go missing could be lost for some time, and the administrators unable to use the information within. If these records cannot be found, a corporation could face adverse legal, financial or management effects.

According to the Newark Advocate, Ohio administrators may not be able to continue a bike path construction project between Newark and Heath due to lost paperwork. The source said that because land deeds were not filed in a timely manner, the completion of the initiative might not be possible.

The news outlet reported that though the files were recently recovered, they cannot be put into motion now, as the private owner of half of the road in question will not allow for public use.

To avoid legal problems like these arising in their own businesses, owners should consider investing in conversion services that would allow for online filing of records. That way, if the original document is lost or destroyed, a backup would be in place.

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