Lost hospital documents provide ire for Hong Kong leaders

December 4th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation

When documents are lost, they have the potential to adversely affect the corporation to which the information is pertinent. If the records have not been backed up and the data within made readily available, multiple entities and clients can be affected.

According to The Standard, lawmakers in Hong Kong are currently reeling from the discovery that hospital documents regarding which facilities are exempt from providing free or low cost beds to sick patients were lost. The source said that these requirements were set in 1957 and that five privately-owned medical centers are most likely exempt.

However, until the files can be found, Hong Kong Health Secretary Ko Wing-man said at a Legislative Council's Public Accounts Committee meeting that he can't ask hospitals to offer beds for small fees or no price without verification. As such, the facility could risk losing revenue as patients go elsewhere or ailing individuals could face large financial troubles.

In order to avoid a legal situation like this, corporations should look into investing in conversion services that can transfer information located on tangible documents to databases online. Not only can this greatly guard against loss or destruction, it can help limit the number of employees who have access to such files, further safeguarding them.

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