Paper company makes switch to paperless systems

July 29th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation

Hospitals, government agencies and banks are all organizations that have realized that better service can be provided to their clients when paperless systems are utilized effectively. But Baseline Magazine recently reported that one unexpected firm made the paperless transition: paper company Envelopments. 

Company President Mark Smith told Baseline that he's well-aware of the irony, but eliminating paper and switching to an enterprise content management system has helped the firm efficiently manage its data flow while providing the highest quality service possible.

"The ordering system and business processes help simplify things and eliminate a tremendous amount of stress – particularly for brides who tend to be in a hurry and very demanding prior to a wedding," Envelopments Vice President Tom Johns told the source. "It's a huge plus simply from a customer service standpoint." 

Embracing business process automation has helped the paper company increase gains and cut costs, which in turn has allowed them to lower prices. Going paperless helped the organization to decrease its on-hand inventory by 40 percent while reducing overhead costs by close to 50 percent. 

When even paper suppliers are turning to paperless systems to cut costs and best serve clients, it's time for firms everywhere to step into the future and adopt digital document processes. 

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