Paper conversion services help achieve cloud ROI

April 29th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management | Workflow

Adopting cloud services is all the rage for enterprises in a variety of industries, but not all businesses have an easy time optimizing these solutions and achieving their full potential ROI. There are a number of issues that could be holding these firms back from optimizing their cloud deployments, but in many cases it comes down to data, and the information management solutions a firm has in place.

The trick to optimizing cloud ROI, according to HostReview, is to focus on overall performance and cost. This requires breaking down such investments and examining specific aspects, such as the resources directly affected by the cloud, ROI analysis and the security factors involved, among other issues. However, the most important factor that will change how a company achieves cloud ROI is how it optimizes its data.

Document management for the masses
The key to a successful migration to the cloud is ensuring that employees have access to the applications and data they need to do their jobs. The flexibility and remote access benefits of the cloud only go as far as the availability of these resources, and as such, companies need to invest in conversion services to move all of their potentially useful information to digital formats for cloud-based storage. This adds an additional cost to deployment, but greatly enhances the rate of success for cloud strategies and expedites the returns a business will see.

With the proper document management software and paperless operations strategy in place, a business will realize many other advantages that will benefit its cloud-related efforts as well.

Cost efficiency
The reduced financial impact that information management will have on workflow after going paperless will free up additional resources for companies to put toward their cloud initiatives, focusing their budgets on the advanced technologies that will continue to drive efficiency and productivity. Combined with a paperless strategy, cloud investments will help businesses achieve these goals faster, ensuring they are able to launch continued improvement projects on a regular basis.

With high-demand for advanced technologies and innovative investments, businesses should consider migrating to paperless offices first in order to support the expanding demands these efforts will have on their data resources. From mobility to the cloud, the right foundation will ensure success moving forward with these trends.

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