Paperless a key component of IT transformation in 2014

January 3rd, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

IT operations see major transformations every year, and in 2014 the inclusion of document management software to assist with paperless efforts may be a key change. According to Silicon Angle, companies need to look at customer experience, employee engagement and empowerment and the transformation of their IT services, among other efforts, as part of their key drivers this year. Technology like data management, business process automation and other initiatives will drive growth and advancement while supporting many other efforts companies are taking to improve themselves.

Paperless initiatives can help companies reach each of these growth drivers more effectively, while aligning operations up for future technology investments.

Employee engagement
Going paperless can have a significant impact on employee engagement, driving collaboration and data use while promoting more efficient communications. This will help companies achieve productivity goals and ensure that workers are reaping the personal benefits of these improvements as well.

Customer experience
Eliminating unnecessary paper and improving the flow of information with document conversion services will improve interactions with customers as well by expediting the delivery of key data, from invoices to support need. This makes consumers feel more appreciated, and can boost the personalization of service as well, delivering an individualized experience every time.

IT transformation
The biggest affect going paperless will have on a business is helping streamline IT efforts and boost the overall efficiency of workflows in this specific area of operations. From reducing the time it takes to address IT support needs to improving cost management efforts, cutting a paper trail allows IT professionals to work more efficiently.

Regardless of how a business needs to improve its operations, going paperless provides key advantages. By investing in the scanning hardware and conversion services necessary to eliminate paperwork and physical records entirely and migrate to digital formats, a company can expedite its strategies for growth while focusing on future efforts more effectively. This support structure provides the foundation for future IT initiatives and general business advancement, while underlining the need for faster processes.

Optimization through the minimization of paper may be just one way to boost productivity and efficiency, but it can be the most revolutionizing for enterprises prepared to make the changes necessary. This way, companies can reduce costs, improve profits and see a faster ROI than by taking less effective approaches.

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