Paperless insurance cards are the future

July 18th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

Over the past several years, many states have enacted laws allowing motorists to supply their insurance information on their cell phone. Drivers in 24 states are now able to use a document conversion service to digitize their insurance cards and transfer them to a mobile device, rather than keeping a physical copy in their vehicle. 

Missouri recently passed a bill that allows drivers to store their insurance information on a tablet or smartphone. The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch reported that Governor Jay Nixon said this simple measure will eliminate certain challenges for many Missouri drivers.

"With these advancements in technology, forcing Missourians to go through the hassle of printing and keeping hard copies of their insurance cards is unnecessary and burdensome," the governor said in a statement.

According to the Central Illinois Pantagraph, Illinois could become the twenty-fifth state to allow paperless proof of insurance, as the state's governor has had a bill on his desk since May that would make physical insurance cards unnecessary. The Pantagraph stated that this is the logical choice, as it would be more environmentally friendly and more convenient for drivers across the state. Moving to paperless insurance would simplify document management for motorists and police officers.

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