SMBs embracing automation

February 12th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Business Process Automation

More small businesses are embracing business process automation with great results. CompTIA announced that nearly half of all small businesses studied in its recent study "Trends in Workforce Automation and Communications" have embraced related practices to migrate from paper to digital formats.

"Technology is no longer functioning in a simple support role, but is increasingly used to meet business objectives and drive differentiation," noted Seth Robinson, director, technology analysis for CompTIA. "Companies with aggressive technology adoption mindsets are able to advance to process-level issues and create competitive advantage."

In fact, 65 percent of SMBs have embraced cloud computing, while 51 percent are investing mobile solutions and 45 percent data analytics – all strategies driven by document conversion services and paperless efforts.

The desire to leverage data for improved revenue generation and improve overall operations is often the leading cause of these initiatives, the firm reported. Benefits, such as eliminating process bottlenecks and removing siloed departments, help firms achieve these goals and foster other advantages as well.

For companies looking to adopt business process automation, the key to success is found in the foundation of conversion services. Investing in the right scanning hardware and imaging solutions will help drive the efficiency of these efforts while keeping costs low and productivity high. Employee workflow won't be interrupted, and business can continue as usual, as long as firms develop the right strategy and back it up with document conversion.

As the popularity of automation increases, firms will need to be sure they are investing in high-quality solutions soon or risk losing their competitive edge. In any industry, going paperless and embracing the digital age can have significant, beneficial ramifications, as long as a firm knows where to begin and how to stay on the path toward success.

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