Taxpayers keep finances organized with document imaging software

July 15th, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

Document conversion services are crucial for businesses that want to better manage their workplace, but they can also be useful for taxpayers who want to organize financial records and receipts. A recent Patriot Ledger article suggested that individuals who want to save time and reduce stress, not only during tax season but year-round, should consider paperless storage for financial document management.

The Patriot Ledger reported that for many people, scanning documents and storing them digitally is both more efficient and easier to manage. In fact, since financial records often contain highly personal information that must be kept private, the source stated that electronic storage for those types of documents is often safer than keeping physical copies. Switching to a digital system also saves space in the home – paperwork that would once have required a large filing cabinet takes up little to no space when scanned and stored electronically.

Protecting information from natural disasters
Businesses and individuals alike can benefit from the security that digital storage of tax documents offers. In a recent Tire Review article, CPA Richard Lipton pointed out that digital storage of tax documents is especially important for companies located in areas where natural disasters – like hurricanes and tornadoes – are most common. Tax information that is stored electronically won't be damaged in a disaster situation, unlike data kept in file cabinets and storage boxes. Lipton recommended that businesses scan all financial information, from bank statements to insurance forms to tax returns, and maintain a backup of the data online or in an external hard drive.

Of course, natural disasters can happen anywhere, which is why keeping tax records organized in a digital system is a great decision. Not only will digital storage of documentation optimize time during tax preparations, but it can eliminate potential problems in the future. 

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