Town to offer new paperless billing options

November 21st, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

Chino Valley, Ariz., recently announced the fruits of its efforts to go paperless. According to the Chino Valley Review, the town council plans to launch paperless billing options for residents and local business owners, with the option to view statements online or on mobile devices. Residents will still have the option to receive paper bills, but the council expects significant savings from the switch to paperless.

"It's labor intensive," town Finance Director Joe Duffy said of the town's previous billing system. "It will be a huge time-savings."

In any effort to go paperless, there are several factors to consider. Not only must an organization – be it a local town government or a large business – invest in the right channels to share data electronically, but it also needs to implement paper conversion services and related strategies to move its archived records into the digital space as well.

The appropriate document imaging services are an essential aspect of any paperless initiative, and will help ensure success as companies and other groups strive to reduce the cost of recordkeeping and billing.

There are other advantages to going paperless as well, such as driving productivity through easier access to information and improved customer service. By making a move toward paperless now, organizations will also be able to invest in business process automation and related initiatives that will improve operations across the board.

Ultimately, going paperless will help achieve many goals, but organizations that decide to go this route have to invest in high-quality conversion services to ensure timely results, accuracy in information as it goes digital and the overall efficiency of the system. Only with each of these factors in place will firms reach their end goal of a more cost-effective, environmentally friendly workplace that strives for excellence.

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