VA office could literally collapse under strain of paperwork

August 14th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture

The Veterans Benefits Affairs office – a division of the Department of Veterans Affairs –  in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, recently reported that a large amount of backlogged claims had accrued so much paperwork that it was threatening the structural integrity of the office's building. With more than 37,000 files piled on top of cabinets, on the floor or in boxes, this is not only a danger to the building, but a fire hazard and an information management nightmare.

According to Nextgov, Roger Baker, the VA's chief information officer, has promised to have a paperless processing system in place for Winston-Salem and other offices by next year. The VBA office is experiencing more than a document management problem, it is having a problem with productivity, safety and security as well.

In order to overcome these and other issues, any business or organization can implement document conversion service that will allow it to go a paperless route. These solutions not only help improve file management, but also increase all around productivity and organization for the office. Getting rid of paperwork and going digital can also help environmental and compliance initiatives.

No office should have to worry about its paperwork, let alone the safety of its employees due to excess filing. By reducing paper consumption, the VBA office will improve the quality of the working environment, make employees' jobs easier and improve the service it provides to U.S. veterans. Any business can see the same results, and benefit from going paperless at a low cost and little risk to its own operations.

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