Business Process Automation Support that Delivers ROI

Monday, October 14, 2019

Solutions for document capture, management, and workflow automation are abundant these days. With software like Formatta, ApplicationXtender, Kofax, and Captiva, companies have many options for automating their business processes, consolidating their busywork and increasing administrative efficiency.

But the right software is only part of the equation. Without the right program of maintenance and support from a qualified Business Process Automation (BPA) partner, you’re most likely missing out on the full benefits of your software system.

At Image One, we have 25 years’ worth of customer satisfaction behind our support services, ensuring that your business hardware and software is always up to date and trouble free.

Get the Support You Deserve from a Qualified Partner

Our expertise is built on decades of experience in implementation, training and troubleshooting. We don’t just sell software or software licenses. We sell solutions that include ongoing support, maintenance, education and consultation designed to ensure that our clients are always getting the most out of their hardware and software products.

If your maintenance contract has lapsed or you are not happy with the support you’ve been getting, don’t wait until you have an expensive or deadline-killing problem. Get the support you need, and get back to work without having to worry that the business automation software you invested in six years ago is three updates behind and not doing everything it should be.

The right support partner is someone who will be there to troubleshoot when issues arise, but that’s only one small part of the reason to have one.

A qualified BPA partner will ensure that you are receiving regular maintenance – including updates and training – and deliver on-going support designed to make sure that you are getting the maximum return on your software investment.

An external support provider offers a multitude of benefits:

  • Access to the latest updates within the software
  • Expert advice on ways to optimize the system
  • Training on current and new features
  • Leveraging of the software into other departments, increasing ROI
  • Ability to integrate software with other systems in your business
  • Identification of complementary products that integrate with your system

At Image One, we offer our customers premium, ongoing support with built in ROI. We’ve seen too many companies pay for a product without receiving the full benefits because of a lack of support.

How to Get Started

Business process automation software is an investment you make in your business. And if you’re not getting everything out of it that you should be, it’s an underperforming investment. Worse, it may be making your job harder.

Find a qualified partner that specializes in the software you have and ask the right questions:

  • Does this maintenance partner sell and implement the software they maintain?
  • Are they performing daily implementations of and upgrades to this type of software?
  • Can they provide expert maintenance and support for the software?
  • Do they offer training alongside the support?

If the answer to these questions is “yes,” then you’ve most likely found a winning partnership.

A Maintenance Partner that Delivers ROI

Find out why Image One maintenance clients use words like “awesome,” “amazing” and “above and beyond” to describe our service. Call us or click on the link below to start getting the most out of your business automation software.

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