Counties increasingly adopting paperless voting systems

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Counties around the country have been switching to digital document management systems for improved efficiency and significant cost savings, allowing state officials to focus time and money on other efforts.

According to The Columbus Dispatch, Franklin County, Ohio Representative Michael Stinziano has recently implemented a bill to create a paperless online voter registration system in an effort to alleviate burdens on election officials and save taxpayers money.

The Columbus Dispatch noted that while Ohioans have been able to change their voter registration information online since last August, full online registration requires legislative action. So far, 17 states have approved these initiatives for their own voters. Additionally, the source explained that Arizona, which was the first state to adopt this capability, saw a 10 percent increase in voter registrations within the first three years. Additionally, the state increased accuracy in polls and reduced costs from 83 cents per vote with the paper-based system to just 3 cents online.

Ohio Senator Frank LaRose reportedly said that he will propose other technological improvements, such as database management, which will enable county boards to share data with the state.

The Observer-Reporter revealed that Pennsylvania's Washington County has also deployed a digital system for voting for similar advantages.

The County's Elections Director Larry Spahr pointed out that Georgia and Maryland have already had "great success" with the use of electronic poll books.

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