Digital, carbon footprints the new focus for schools

Monday, March 24, 2014

As centers of education look for ways to reduce their operational costs and focus more on giving the nation's future a better foundation for life, paperless efforts are starting to become more prominent. Schools are investing in document conversion services and information management solutions to drive the efficiency and productivity of their teaching and administrative staff while keeping their budgets low in order to continue funding essential programs. This helps align business goals with what youths need for a brighter future.

According to, the state board of education has approved early budget reports for the 2014-2015 school year for Ridgewood public schools.

"[Ridgewood] has implemented pretty much every idea out there to keep costs down," Business Administrator Michael Falkowski told the news source. The new budget emphasizes technology upgrades as a way to keep future costs low.

Among the efforts used to keep its operational costs down, Ridgewood has invested in paperless strategies, including paper conversion services and related hardware to optimize the flow of information in the school.

Going paperless can have a profound effect on workflow for many organizations. Better management of one's carbon footprint directly influences how a firm interacts with technology, the environment and other factors that are in the public eye. According to Westfair Online, in order to manage one's carbon footprint, a business has to focus on its digital footprint. Proper management of information and documents is critical to optimizing workflow to reduce the impact a company has on the environment, which means not only investing in scanning hardware, but the document management software to handle the flow of information across systems and departments.

The big data movement is generating more information for companies to handle than ever, and proper deployment of paperless technologies and policies will play a major role in the future of enterprises, health care organizations, education centers and other groups that can benefit from these strategies.

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