Document conversion signals evolution for some schools

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Joseph's Academy in St. Augustine, Fla., is looking to the future with its recent effort to go paperless.

According to the Flagler College student newspaper, the school decided to implement a paperless strategy to enhance learning opportunities and embrace the next natural step in education.

"Students today grew up with technology, so now it's the teacher's job to adapt to the student," Principal Tom McGlinn told the news source. "I grew up with a teacher standing in front of a classroom, writing on a blackboard, lecturing for 45 minutes. Kids today grew up using phones, iPads and computers."

The school is replacing textbooks with Google Chromebooks, migrating all of its learning resources to digital formats and deploying document conversion services to assist in the move.

"My goal is to have kids completely prepared for higher education and life," said McGlinn.

Education facilities of all levels and sizes can benefit from a reduction in paper-based materials not only to reduce costs but enhance the availability of information to students and staff. These efforts require the right support and platform to connect users to the data they need, however.

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