HR Automation for Happier, More Efficient Employees

Thursday, April 19, 2018

HR Automation & Going Paperless with ApplicationXtender

A bottleneck in the human resources (HR) department can have repercussions across an entire business.

But keeping up with all of the information and responsibilities encompassed in a modern HR department can be a monumental effort.

Streamlining the process of everything from recruiting and onboarding to benefits administration to expense reporting to payroll is a necessary task, but it isn’t always easy to accomplish. Meanwhile, cumbersome processes for managing information can leave a company struggling to keep up and at risk of errors with expensive consequences.

The good news is that HR processes are a perfect fit for workflow automation software, and OpenText ApplicationXtender is perfectly suited to the job.

Efficiency Where You Need It the Most

ApplicationXtender allows you to scan and index paper-based files and automate the process of routing, delivering, searching, extracting and archiving all employee files and other documents in your organization. And with Cloud One, which is Image One’s hosted ApplicationXtender, these documents can be protected from being seen by IT or any other unauthorized users.

Beginning with the most efficient system for finding, onboarding and training new employees, HR workflow automation goes directly to the heart of your business: getting the right people and getting them to work more quickly. Getting rid of inefficiency in the HR department does a whole lot more than just speed things up.

HR workflow automation lets you create a better experience for your employees, and allows your employees to create a better experience for your customers. That’s not just efficiency, that’s a platform for the success of your business.

Out of the Box Efficiency

ApplicationXtender is the market-leading document management solution for mid-size organizations and departments, with out-of-the-box capabilities that give you easy access to information from a browser or a desktop.

Utilizing familiar and easy-to-use Microsoft Office applications, ApplicationXtender is a platform you can use with little to no-training and without having to rely on the constant intervention of an IT staff. Workflow management functions take the labor out of document and information wrangling, and reduce errors in the process.

It’s like a digital filing cabinet you never have to search and where documents never go missing. It’s a source of information you can put to use, instead of spending all your time just managing it.

Our business process solutions will save you time, money and energy that you can put to better use. Let us show you how you can harness the power of ApplicationXtender to move your business forward.

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