More schools benefiting from a paperless transition

Monday, May 20, 2013

As schools look to leverage the latest technologies for enhancing both staff and students' experience, more institutions are implementing digital document management systems. These solutions provide easier access to educational materials, empowering new opportunities for learning and driving efficiency for administrators, teachers and students alike.

According to the Rancho Santa Fe Review, the local school board in San Diego recently voted in favor of providing more students between 2nd and 6th grade with iPads. This initiative will allow students to interact and collaborate with others in different ways than before, when classrooms were primarily paper-based. Assistant Superintendent Cindy Schaub told  the news source that despite any doubts regarding the iPad's role and benefits to students, this year there has been a higher level of interaction and extended learning beyond the classroom. She also noted that there has been an increased volume of reading and writing due to the convenience these technologies provide, as well as improved teamwork among students. Schaub explained that students are able to keep work well organized in file folders on the iPads and additionally, keep track of assignments in digital calendars. She is optimistic about this paperless exchange of assignments and the advantages that come with the system.

"They're communicating more and more with teachers, and engaging more with the content than when all they had in front of them was a textbook," said Schaub, the Rancho Santa Fe Review reported.

Higher performance with digital
The news source also reported that while teacher Maureen Cassarino was initially against introducing iPads, she would never go back to traditional methods of pen and paper considering how students' work quality has improved.

"Our students live in a digital world and we've got to respond to them and meet the kids where they are or we will become the dinosaurs," Schaub asserted to the news provider.

She also noted that the district aims to lighten students' backpacks, and the paperless move has aided in these efforts.

The Herald-Standard revealed that two Frazier School Board candidates are also stressing paperless initiatives as a way to better meet standards for the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) test. After students failed to meet math standards, the school system was issued a warning and is looking to leverage digital technologies to get back on track.

By empowering users with quicker retrieval of information, digital systems can unlock new educational value that can dramatically transform learning.

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