RocketScan Speeds Alternate Income Forms, Boosts School Funding

Friday, August 23, 2019

More Forms Captured + Processed 10x Faster = 30% More Funding

RocketScan Speeds Alternate Income Forms, Boosts School Funding

School districts spend an enormous amount of time collecting and processing family income verification forms to qualify for increased USDA funding as part of their community eligibility provision (CEP) and Provision 2 programs, as well as other federal, state and local government funds.

There is a faster and better way to capture these funds for your students by using RocketScan’s web form and process automation capabilities.

School districts across the country use RocketScan to process income verification forms 10 times faster. They also receive 20-30% more funding because 20-30% more families submit applications because of how easy RocketScan makes it to complete them.

Think of what you could do with 20-30% more government funding – and all the hours you recoup that could be spent on student matters instead of data entry…

How RocketScan Works

The RocketScan team has deep experience with local income verification demands around the country. We translate these requirements into the creation of both a web form and into paper forms – we can even print the forms and translate them into any language.

Our web forms are so easy to fill out, on a computer, tablet or smart phone, that RocketScan typically receives 20-30% more income verification forms than processes that use only paper forms or require families to download an app.

For the paper forms, we will set your team up with RocketScan software and a scanner. All they need to do is feed in the paper, and information from the forms which eliminates the need for data entry. School districts using RocketScan software can process 4,000-6,000 paper applications per day while those without can only process about 400 in the same amount of time.

Instant Reporting

Get out of Excel hell…

Like how it’s used to streamline meal application processing, RocketScan not only improves the speed and accuracy of the application process, it also generates reports instantly so you can meet all district deadlines.

RocketScan reporting can be broken down by school, by district, or by schools that may qualify for a higher level of support when grouped, providing school districts with a variety of ways to qualify under CEP. You can slice and dice the data however you want – in seconds.

RocketScan Advantages Add Up

Here are a few of the other ways school districts across the country are using RocketScan software to save time and money:

  • One California city with 300,000 residents used RocketScan to process an additional 15,000 forms, which resulted in $250,000 in additional state funding each year
  • In Indiana, RocketScan is used to process free and reduced-cost textbook applications
  • Information captured in the RocketScan database is easily searchable and can be used to create custom reports
  • RocketScan forms are customizable
  • RocketScan creates an easy way for school nutrition departments using RocketScan to bill the district office for time spent creating reports that fall outside of their budgets

Get Started Today

To learn more about how RocketScan can help you speed your alternative income form processing and generate more school funding, contact us today and we can get you started in time to start enjoying the benefits of streamlined income verification processing this year.

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