What to Look For in a Scanning Partner

Friday, October 8, 2021

Over the past two years, there has been a greater need for many companies to digitize documents that they once kept in an office filing cabinet or storage room. With many companies shifting employees to remote working and limiting the number of people in a central office, having digital versions of Human Resources (HR), Accounts Payable (AP), and other important files is more important than ever. It is also important, if you are a company looking to digitize HR or sensitive documentation, to work with a scanning partner that you know you can trust with these kinds of files. What are the key things you should look for in a scanning partner and how do you know if any given company is right for you?

Document Security is Key

One of the most important considerations for any scanning project is the level of security that your documents will be treated with. To protect the identities of your employees and the sensitive data they have listed in your documents, you want to make sure to work with a scanning partner that has adequate security and can assure you that your documents are protected. A secure facility, including key-card only access to documents, is a standard.

Employee policies and practices also play a role in document security. Does the scanning company you’re looking at background screen and drug test all employees? Do they allow cell phones in the scanning room? Are reports run to track who is handling specific documents? How are documents transported and are they kept in a proper facility? These are all important questions to ask and the most secure answers mean a lot when it comes to the peace of mind of your scanning project.

Time in the Industry

Another important factor to consider when selecting a scanning partner is the time they’ve been in the industry and other companies that they’ve worked with. Reputable scanning companies have often been doing digitizing work for many years and have likely built-up notable references in that time. If the scanning company you’re looking into has worked with many other companies before, especially if they’re worked with ones in your company’s field, it is safe to assume they know how to execute a job properly.

With experience comes expertise on how to perform certain scanning jobs correctly and they are priced appropriately. Be wary of pricing that is too good to be true and it often means that they are not estimating a job correctly or that they may be cutting corners that you wouldn’t want done.

We at Image One have been in the document scanning industry for almost 30 years and has worked with numerous large companies and government agencies in the State of Florida and beyond. We also place great emphasis on document security and have long-tenured employees that have been thoroughly drug-tested and background checked. To learn more about our scanning conversion services and how we can have your company’s documents digitized today, please call us at (800) 956-9000 or visit our document scanning services page here.