3 key steps for information management success

August 10th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Keeping documents managed isn't an option for a business, it's a matter of basic compliance, according to TechTarget. Therefore it is vital that a company create an information management strategy and implement the proper tools to get this done.

A failed implementation of records management is a worst-case scenario. To avoid this a business needs to take three key steps that will help it reach its management goals, improve workflow and ensure that its time, money and other resources are wisely spent on these matters.


Working with auditors, according to the news source, is a key way to improve document management solutions. Performing an internal audit of records can help organize them for conversion services, prioritize them by mission-critical status and help a business ensure that it remains compliant with federal recordkeeping regulations.

Keep a scorecard

Creating a scorecard during the audit process allows a business to keep track of the process of implementing its records management solution, while also ensuring that every step maintains high standards of quality. Whether working with an outside firm or implementing an internal solution, a business needs to track every step of the process to keep on task.

Document conversion

Another key part of implementing a successful information management solution is document imaging. Converting paperwork to digital formats will help a business reduce the cost of storing and organizing data, while improving the protection and security of documents at the same time. Conversion has a variety of other benefits as well, such as increasing the productivity of employees and improving workflow in general.

Going digital also helps a business with other initiatives, like paperless efforts that help reduce the company's environmental impact and increase all around efficiency.

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