Data overload a concern with conversion services

March 13th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Many businesses are looking to paperless solutions to drive productivity and cut costs, but poor planning can lead toward the opposite if firms aren't careful.

When it comes to investing in document conversion services and eliminating paperwork from day to day operations, companies can go a bit overboard. By migrating everything to digital formats, a firm may quickly realize it has more paperwork than it actually needs, and as a result, more data than it can reasonably store and use. Fewer companies are embracing paperless operations, because more are experiencing problems with information management processes as a result.

The issue lies in the use of adequate document management software and best practices. According to CMSWire, a lack of employee engagement, training and commitment is causing firms' paperless efforts to fall short – and productivity is suffering as a result. Citing a recent study performed by Cohasset Associates, ARMA International and AIIM, the news source notes that businesse​s need to focus on the quality of their conversion services and enterprise content management in order to avoid compliance, risk management and data protection problems.

"The survey shows organizations remain committed to making records and information management a priority, but that important gaps still remain," noted Sue Trombley, an industry expert, according to the report. "Information management, when done right, can push your businesses ahead and be a strategic lever for success. But until you achieve buy-in at all levels of the organization, master fundamentals like timely destruction, and implement a system to monitor program effectiveness, the benefits will remain elusive."

By taking the time to deploy higher quality management solutions and the equivalent in paper conversion services, companies can ensure all of their records are converted to digital formats and meet compliance standards, but that they aren't overwhelming their systems and employees with irrelevant data. Nearly 44 percent of respondents to the study noted the needs of their workforce as a major concern for information management and paperless efforts, but these considerations were heavily outweighed by audit, compliance, risk management and legal issues. Companies need to balance their focus and ensure they deploying the right strategy to cover all of their bases in order to ensure success.

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