Eliminate data governance concerns with conversion services

January 23rd, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Data governance is a top concern for businesses, especially as policies regarding these efforts evolve and compliance regulations are changed. The organization and storage of records is critical not only for operational integrity, but also for privacy and security concerns. For many companies, the key way to improve these areas has been to take them into the digital frontier.

Optimizing workflow with paper conversion service has many benefits, but supporting data governance needs is a major one. In order to properly support governance goals and implement these solutions to drive the most value in these efforts, however, firms need to follow several guidelines.

Reevaluate your strategy
According to DataInformed, the first step to improve data governance is to develop a strategy or reevaluate the current one in order to ensure it aligns with company goals, regulations and the capabilities of the supporting document management software. These tools have to address key business needs second and compliance regulations first in order to ensure proper governance while still promoting growth and innovation in work practices.

Teamwork is key
The trick to optimizing the adoption of governance solutions and conversion services is to do so as a team. This means ensuring everyone is on the same page, willing to put in the effort necessary to succeed and well aware of the demands of these processes. Providing training along side the work document conversion services is doing will allow a business to start its new, paperless operations on the right foot with governance as the top priority for everyone.

Compliance is king
The main concern for governance strategies is compliance. This cannot be stated often or emphatically enough. For businesses changing their goals or investing in new solutions to enhance enterprise content management, ensuring regulatory compliance has to be the top priority. Everything else comes second, as a failure to maintain compliance can render any improvements to productivity or workflow moot points. However, these strategies also have to be flexible enough to adapt to regulation changes over time for firms to ensure ROI.

Include backup
Of course, any high-quality paper conversion process has to be accompanied by data backup and recovery solutions. In order to truly meet compliance needs, companies have to invest in the tools that will protect their information in any situation.

Data governance and compliance is a critical part of enterprise operations today. Luckily, optimizing workflow for these efforts can be easily accomplished with the right investments and patience.

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