Fire can result in clean slate, to the detriment of businesses

October 30th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Fire is an element that has the potential to destroy nearly everything it comes into contact with. This can be extremely damaging to companies that have not yet digitized its files using electronic information management systems and hosted them safely away from the reach of natural forces.

Recently, India's Bank of Baroda found this out the hard way, after a fire all but destroyed a bank branch, according to the Hindustan Times. While the bank's safes remained intact, many records were reduced to ashes, the source said. Some computers were also ruined, the news provider detailed, though if files had been stored on the cloud, they would not have been affected in that case either.

A similar situation occurred earlier in October in New York. According to the Associated Press, a fire razed a building that contained local government offices in Castile, New York, including the town and village hall, as well as the local courthouse. The source said that a number of public records were lost in the disaster, an incident that may have been avoided had local leaders implemented conversion services.

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