Following the paperless trail

February 7th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Paperless workflows are providing businesses with significant gains in both productivity and cost efficiency. However, companies need to be sure they still applying the same compliance considerations and privacy measures as if they were still using paper-based records. Document conversion services eliminate the need for wasteful filing, storage and archiving of records, but they don't replace the best practices needed to keep information organized and secure.

When it comes to optimizing information management, companies need to investing in adequate document management software to establish clear and visible chain of command with data usage. Proper authentication will keep data secure, but following proper usage and ensuring that who has access to and can share data is equally important. This will help companies know where their information is at all times, and minimize the risk of theft or loss.

Beyond compliance with privacy regulations, such efforts improve the efficiency of paperless efforts as well. By improving the foundation of information management, businesses are able to optimize workflow with peace of mind and minimal risk. This helps improve productivity and enhances the growth opportunities presented by these strategies. Going paperless is an ongoing endeavor, and companies will be able to promote increased value from these efforts with the right tools and policies supporting it.

The optimization of such efforts relies on investing in the appropriate conversion services in the first place to make the migration to digital formats quick and convenient, promoting proper use and best practices immediately while eliminating hurdles along the way. This gets companies set up and ready to embrace paperless workflows faster while optimizing the use of information through further trends such as cloud computing, mobility and the like.

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