Information management key for customer retention

November 7th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Retaining customers is a major priority for any business. Next to drawing in new consumers, keeping current ones is at the top of many businesses lists when considering new technologies and solutions to implement. And while there are many different ways to increase brand loyalty and keep those customers coming back for me, one of the best ways to do so is to implement a high-quality information management solution.

A business gains a number of advantages from information management, from reduced costs related to paper to more efficient workflow. However, when it comes to customer service and retention, information management can help an organization access, alter and provide information related to its clients faster and more efficiently. This brings up the quality of service, and the satisfaction of the customer with that service.

While document management systems are being focused on for their ability to reduce paper usage and eliminate those costs, they also eliminate costly wait time in communications and collaboration, both internally and outside of the company. This allows employees to share information with one another or with interested parties, like customers, in ways that enhance productivity and the speed of service. Ultimately, businesses may need more than digital information management to improve customer retention, but investing in these solutions is a good first step to enhancing the aspects of operations that have the heaviest influence on retention.

Retention is a more cost-effective method for maintaining profits than attracting new customers, and with about 71 percent of consumers ending a relationship with a business over poor service, according to Econsultancy, using any tool to improve that service can help.

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