Information management key to disaster recovery success

January 20th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Businesses looking to enhance their disaster preparedness and recovery capabilities need look no further than the implementation of document management software and paperless efforts. Taking information to digital formats and eliminating physical records with paper conversion services will help firms expedite a return to normal operations when a crisis strikes, and minimize the risks of data loss.

Boosting disaster recovery processes requires employees to have quick and convenient access to information as soon as a crisis occurs. Whether this is a hurricane, power outage, earthquake or bomb threat, most disasters mean limited access to the primary business location. When information is stored by physical means this effectively cuts employees off from one of the main resources they need to do their jobs. Investing in document conversion services to eliminate this problem and go digital will help workers to their jobs even if they can't get into the office for whatever reason.

Of course, in order to facilitate data access, firms need to also invest in cloud solutions or enterprise content management system that provides full support for remote access. This way, employees will be sure to have all of the information they need at a moment's notice.

Disaster preparedness and recovery isn't the only advantage of going paperless though. These efforts will drive productivity and help firms reduce operational costs significantly. By eliminating paper-related resourced, including the necessary real estate to store records, companies can cut expenses. Then, firms will be allowed to offer workers the option to do their jobs remotely, boosting productivity and further reducing costs by cutting power use and other bills.

Embracing a solution like document conversion and a paper-free work environment has be to undertaken with the understanding that it will significantly alter the way a business operates on a fundamental level, not just change information storage or a basic aspect of workflow. Such understanding will foster proper adoption and leveraging of the associated benefits, ensure that employees are embracing the new way of doing this appropriately, and help set the groundwork for future improvements and changes as technology and trends continue to evolve.

The advantages associated with going paperless are many, and businesses need only invest in the adequate support services needed to migrate their paper-based operations to digital ones in order to start seeing the ROI.

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