Many Americans remain uninformed about storage possibilities

August 30th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Many companies are turning toward digitization of records to enable easier information management and accessibility. Transferring paper documents to the computer can also help preserve the original documents and open up office space. Many individuals who are choosing to go this route in their companies or organizations are hosting files on the cloud, so many people can access the records remotely.

However, a recent study found that many Americans are not sure what cloud computing means. A poll by Wakefield Research revealed that 51 percent of individuals believe inclement weather can affect cloud storage, while an additional 29 percent answered that the technology has something to do with an actual cloud in the sky. Moreover, 54 percent of Americans think that they have never used cloud technology, though for 95 percent of that segment, that is not the case.

To enable individuals to become educated about cloud computing and how hosting files on the cloud can result in easier accessibility, companies may want to explain to their clients where documents are archived. This is important, because many industries, including healthcare and the federal government, are rapidly making the transition toward this sort of storage.

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