Missing records may cost businesses

August 1st, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Uncategorized

One of the key benefits of information management is having well-organized records that can be easily found. As some businesses are quick to discover, a lack of proper management can end up costing them more than productivity.

Canterbury Television, which had a building collapse during a 2010 earthquake, is still undergoing an investigation into potential design flaws. However, lawyers recently discovered that certain documents pertaining to the design and construction of the building are missing. This not only slows down the investigation but also could end up being detrimental to the case.

Any business can run into legal issues when records are missing. In order to prevent these problems from occurring and save the company legal, compliance and financial troubles, IT decision-makers should look into document management and conversion services.

With document conversion, a business can create digital copies of all records and files, protecting them from loss and damage. Whether a natural disaster occurs, or an employee simply misplaces a file, document imaging allows a business to easily recover it if needed. This prevents cases like that of Canterbury Television, but also provides a variety of benefits outside of the court system.

For any company implementing document management or conversion services, these systems can help reduce storage costs and keep the business organized and productive. Converting all paperwork to digital files allows employees to access them easily and from outside of the office as well, keeping productivity high while encouraging opportunities to work from home or remote locations. Additionally, document imaging can save a business on its budget by getting rid of the need for filing cabinets and opening up real estate for more mission critical usage.

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