School districts take advantage of paperless solutions

August 2nd, 2013 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

Heavy packets and binders full of homework could become history as more school districts across the country attempt to move to paperless systems. According to WDRB-TV, the Greater Clark School District in southern Indiana is one of the latest school districts to improve information management by moving to digital processes.

Students in the school district will now be able to receive and complete homework electronically, which teachers will then be able to grade without using a single sheet of paper. School district Superintendent Andy Melin said that he's thrilled to be moving processes online. 

"It is my hope that over a three-year period of time if you and I sit down again, that we will be virtually paperless in Greater Clark Schools," Melin told the source. 

Nebraska's Arlington Citizen recently reported that Arlington Public Schools also plan to implement more paperless technologies. The school purchased tablets and laptops that will be shared by students, and many teachers have purchased online editions of textbooks for their classrooms that will be readable on the new devices. By integrating more technology and using paperless enterprise content management, the district hopes to prepare students for life in an increasingly digital world. 

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