The overarching problem with document management systems

August 13th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

When it comes to document management, companies rarely mandate their institutionalized practices for storing and accessing information, according to an article by Deane Barker of Gadgetopia. This lack of a clear recommendation from upper-management leads to employees viewing their information as impermanent, Barker argues, causing them to ignore general storage security practices.

Many corporations put in place some sort of practice for information management, but they lose focus on the mandate, or, worse, they enact several competing practices across departments. In order to combat these problems, executives should incorporate a single, automated archiving process for all of their digital data.

Barker argues that the biggest hurdle to implementing a new strategy comes down to employee psychology – how do you make your employees know that the new system is permanent? The issue is self-fulfilling, in that a new procedure only becomes permanent when workers view it as such. One way to avoid this problem entirely is to utilize technology. By employing business process automation, the amount of data that staff directly control with regard to archiving and creation is lessened, and employees can focus their resources on other projects.

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