Webster County implements paperless systems

October 2nd, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Information Management

With more government offices embracing the idea of paperless operations, civilians will begin to notice the benefits trickling down to them. According to The Messenger, the court system in Webster County, Iowa, recently implemented a document management solution to help streamline processes and help lawyers, clerks and citizens access relevant information.

The new system was mandated across the state by the Iowa Supreme Court, with Webster as the twelfth state to adopt. The court systems began adoption in 2010.

"It helps us with efficiency and space," Bill Watson, assisstant district court administrator, told the news source. "The court system is drowning in paperwork and the expenses related to that."

With improved information management systems in place, the court system can handle documents faster, more efficiently and with more accuracy. it also provides free access to case information for residents of the county. Second Judicial District Chief Judge Kurt Wilke told the news source that the new electronic system allows him and other judges to streamline their workflow and be more efficient with paperwork, or the lack thereof, as well. This allows them to focus on more important aspects of cases.

With document management, any business, organization or government office can improve workflow, reduce the costs of operations and enhance the quality of service in general. This will encourage not only more productivity in the office, but improve cusomter relations and enhance the company's position against the competition. For a business, this is vital, but for a government agency it can improve overall public opinion and help reduce costs while providing stronger service to the public.

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