What to look for in document management solutions

June 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Uncategorized

The paperless office has been discussed for decades and as technology inches us closer to the possibility, paper use continues to increase. Besides the environmental impacts discussed so often, this is also bad for your office's budget. In fact at $10,000 per gallon printer ink costs approximately 2,500 times more than a gasoline, according to a GreenPrint Technologies whitepaper. Additionally, paper can total between $600 and $1,300 per year.

A document management solution with the proper attributes will help your office avoid the annual costs associated with paper-based operation within the office. The proper conversion service and software will include all of these features and noticeably trim the fat from your business operations. The wasted paper that GreenPrint Technologies stated makes up 17 percent of pages printed will be no more. The buzz surrounding sustainability has not yet died and the economic advantages of shedding the burdens of paper are impressive.

According to Business News Daily, the largest obstruction to achieving a completely paperless office has been ease of scanning. However since scanning first arrived on the office scene decades ago the process has been streamlined and the process of digitizing your physical documents has grown exponentially simpler. You can even take advantage of scanning features that will let you turning your papers into editable, keyword-searchable PDF files. Good document scanning solutions will help turn your filing cabinet into a relic, and allow for constant and efficient access to information with a few clicks or button pushes. 

Editing will be a significant feature in any sort of document management software. Giving employees real-time, simultaneous access to an editable document will eliminate the need to print it for each and every coworker who needs it. Revised papers won't need to get printed again and changes can be made constantly on-the-go. PDF functionality will allow you to combine files easily, search keywords and provide access only to those who need the information, according to Business News Daily. 

Additionally, document storage solutions allow for easier organization. While you may have the impression that the software will have a difficult interface that will be impossible to navigate technology grows easier by the day and chances are there exists a management software simple to become acquainted with. As mentioned earlier, keyword-searches make it extremely easy to find whatever you are looking for. Make sure any document management solutions you look include this feature. 

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