Paperless has myriad of uses

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

From schools to pawn shops, more organizations are embracing paperless workflows. The ability to store, use and share data in entirely digital formats promotes productivity, reduces costs and ensures the stability of information flow across a number of industries. In order to gain the many advantages offered by such a strategy, however, groups have to invest in the right paper conversion services and document management software to get them started.

School takes meeting paperless
The Lake Placid Central School board in New York recently abolished paperwork from its board meetings, according to the Lake Placid News. The board recently adopted a digital solution that would allow members to check agendas, meeting minutes and other documents online, while also providing more visibility on the appropriate information to the public. These solutions help save schools money that go toward more important needs, such as music programs or textbooks, and also improve the productivity and accountability of board members at large.

Pawn shops to report sales digitally
In an entirely separate industry, pawn shops in the Lewiston, Idaho, area are embracing paperless solutions that connect them to police databases for reporting transactions, according to The Lewiston Tribune. Pawn shops are required by law to enter reports for their sales and purchases in order to track potentially stolen goods and reduce crime risks. Taking this system paperless expedites the process and improves the response time should items cross a pawn shop's counter that were illicitly acquired.

This process could help track down thieves faster and even deter theft, as the number of places for criminals to unload stolen property dwindles.

Whether it's for efficiency or upholding the law, going paperless can greatly enhance operations in any number of industries. Simply by investing in the appropriate conversion services, companies can better organize their information and work toward other improvements, such as enhanced business intelligence and analytics. The possibilities multiply when a firm adopts the necessary supporting technologies to enact business process automation – not only cutting the physical paperwork side of a process but allowing technology to handle the brunt of the work, freeing up employees to focus on more critical tasks.

The advantages of embracing paperless workflow are many, it's up to a business to embrace them and start reaping the rewards.

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