Going paperless makes meetings more efficient

April 30th, 2014 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Document and Information Capture | Workflow

While there are many ways make a meeting more effective in its purpose, the best is to increase how engaged the attendees are. One option to achieve this goal is to eliminate distractions and give them a better resource to focus their attention.

Paper meeting packets take up valuable time and resources to type, organize and print, and they can distract meeting attendees, or cause them to be more interested in reading than listening to a speaker. Furthermore, the time it takes to produce these packets often means that attendees rarely get to review them before the meeting.

By switching to paperless meetings, businesses, school boards and other organizations can simplify these efforts, cut their costs over time and, most importantly, improve the engagement of meeting attendees. Digital resources mean faster information management and sharing, giving attendees more time to review data and even participate in the meeting. Furthermore, it will save a company valuable resources on printing.

In order to achieve paperless efforts, firms will need to invest in paper conversion services in order to streamline these efforts and optimize their success rate. The right scanning hardware and document management software will also be important, because it will help migrate new information to digital formats and incorporate it. The ease of updating, changing and sharing digital records also ensures that attendees can be kept up-to-date without the hassle of sending out paper packets. The right tools for the job will ease the transition to paperless workflows for meetings, and help spread them to other areas of operations where their benefits will continue to grow.

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