Loss of British hospital records occurs annually

October 29th, 2012 | Posted by Kevin Corley in Workflow

Unfortunately, the loss of records is relatively common, form a business person misplacing a file to thieves stealing documents from an enterprise. When records are stored in paper form, as in many circumstances, it's easier to lose a slip of paper than an electronic document. As such, many organizations are beginning to use conversion services to record information formerly present on paper then storing the copies on servers or PCs.

This tactic may be beneficial for Britain's National Health Services, which has come under fire recently for admitting that employees lose millions of patient records yearly. According to Gizmodo, it came out that administrators and workers misplace approximately 5,000 files each day, meaning around 1.8 million documents are made vulnerable annually. Recently, the source reported, 100,000 records were found at a dump site in Belfast, stolen by individuals and posted online.

Leaders need to think about changing their tactics. "The Health Services holds some of the most sensitive personal information available, so it's vitally important that patients' information is being kept secure," the Information Commissioner's Office told The Daily Mail.

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