USDA calls for better records management

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Companies in a number of different industries have found that investing in electronic document management has made accessing, storing and searching through documents much easier than with their tangible counterparts. As such, more governing bodies are calling for the digitization of files.

For example, the United States Department of Agriculture is asking livestock producers to keep better records of their animals and feed. According to KTIC Radio, the push for better records comes after natural disasters have resulted in the loss of files nationwide.

However, storing these documents online would give livestock owners extra protections if their filing systems were destroyed in a disaster. Once files are converted over electronically, many choose to store them in the cloud, so they can be accessed on any internet-enabled device.

KTIC explained USDA Farm Service Agency Administrator Juan Garcia has asked producers to keep extensive records, such as the type of livestock they own, pictures of the animals, birth and death dates and records of ownership, among other elements.

The National Archives explained that storing files on the cloud can be more cost effective than traditional tactics, is scalable without having to buy more floor space and owners can produce any number of documents nearly automatically upon demand.

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